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Accessing eResources: Access Issues

Help with certificate errors

Access Issues

With the more rapid introduction of secure (SSL) websites there have been issues around Security Certificates and general problems accessing and viewing some of our eResources.

We are currently working to improve our authentication systems to remove these barriers to you accessing our eResources.  In the short-term we have a number of workarounds.  

Access the eResource direcly

A number of these issues can be overcome by accessing the resource directly from our A-Z of eResources rather than via a Summon Search.  If you find an issues clicking on results in Summon, you can either try to bypass the certificate as shown below or by accessing the publisher directly.

View support for accessing using this direct method.

The publishers that we are aware of causing most issues can be accessed direcly via the links below:

Dawsonera eBooks
Royal College of Nursing (RCN)
Science Direct
Taylor & Francis eJournals

Bypassing Certificate Issues

When accessing an eBook through Summon you may see one of the following security warnings after following a link. Despite what the warning message says the University of Suffolk Security Certificate is valid and you will need to move through these warnings in order to use the eBook.  It is also possible to receive a sad face error page whilst still in Summon, if you see this, you can use another work around.

Click on the ‘Continue to this website (not recommended)’ link to open the book

Click the the warning message at the top of the browser and click ‘Display Blocked Content‘

In Firefox

Click on the ‘I Understand the Risks’ link and follow the instructions on screen to allow exceptions.

In Google Chrome:

Click ‘Advanced’

Click ‘Proceed to (unsafe)‘

Sad Face in Summon

It is also possible to receive an error directly from Summon, rather than via the browser.  In this instance you should follow the instruction below: