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Accessing eResources: Taylor & Francis

Taylor & Francis Authentication

On-Campus Access

When accessing Taylor & Francis journals on-campus in Ipswich, the system will already know you are a student of this University, therefore you will gain access to the content immediately.

Off-Campus Access

When you are off-campus you need to prove to Taylor & Francis that you are a student of this University, this adds in an extra step where you need to authenticate/login to prove you are an official student.

Discovery, our search discovery tool, should notify users that off-campus about the extra step required by Taylor & Francis, this can be seen in the image below:

Once you have clicked on the Journal article you want to view, you are taken to the Taylor & Francis website.  Here you will see an intro to the article, and a button stating 'Get access'.  This means you are not authenticated on their website, this is when you need to prove you are a student of the University.  To do this, click 'Log in' as shown in the image below:

Now you need to select 'Shibboleth' as shown below:

Once you have selected 'Shibboleth' you will see a screen that allows you to search institutions.  This page can take a little longer than expected to download.  Once finished loading, you can type 'Suffolk' into the search box, as seen below:

After you have selected 'University of Suffolk' you will be asked to login with your s number and password, as though you were logging in to a computer on campus.  The screen below is how the login screen will look:

Once you have successfully logged into this screen, you will be taken back to the journal article you want to access.  This time, you should see your name at the top of the screen as well as the 'Get access' button will have disappeared.

You are now free to access the article, whilst you have this browser window open, you can navigate around the Taylor & Francis site, without having to re-enter those login details.


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