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Workshop: Get to Grips with the New Library Search Tool - Discovery: Home


Welcome to the "Get to Grips with the New Library Search Tool: Discovery" Workshop Guide


Workshop Aims and Outcomes


This session is an introduction to 'Discovery', our new Library search tool and will be delivered online.  It is open to all students and staff at all levels.

Learning Outcomes

By the end of the session you will be able to:

  • Understand what Discovery is and what content it contains
  • Know how to filter and search results
  • Be able to carry out an advanced search
  • Know how to save results and searches
  • Know how to access your account

Outline of session

The session will consist of a search demonstrations and practical task to enable participants can apply what they have learnt in the session.

Academic Literacies Mapping

University of Suffolk Information Literacies Framework

A. 1    Recognize the importance of using a comprehensive set of high quality, research-based resources.

A. 4    Decide which databases are most relevant to the student’s research.

A. 9    Develop in-depth search strategy on a wide range of information resources. 

A.10    Use specialised information resources to retrieve information, where appropriate.
A.11    Assess the quantity and relevance of the search results in order to filter out irrelevant information and identify gaps.
A. 14    Select appropriate information from the range of results retrieved for the research topic.
A. 16    Keep a record of information searching activities.

Graduate Headstart Employability Mapping

1.1    Develop a strategy for using a range of skills to improve own learning and performance.

7.1    Reading, selecting, analysing and synthesising information from a range of sources.

FHEQ Descriptors

2.1    Apply the methods and techniques that they have learned to review, consolidate, extend and apply their knowledge and understanding, and to initiate and carry out projects.

RDF (Researcher Development Framework)

A.1    Knowledge base 


Workshops Details

Level: Workshop
Length: 30mins
Prerequisites: Access to computer, login for MyUniversity of Suffolk.  University of Suffolk username and password
Linked Modules: None
Delivery Method: Online

Online courses and tutorials

You may find the following online courses and tutorials useful. 

General search help - The Information Skills Guide

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