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Using eBooks: Troubleshooting Dawsonera eBooks

Problems loading Dawsonera eBooks?

Problems viewing eBooks

Read onlineDawson eBooks can be viewed by clicking the ‘Read online‘ button which is shown under the book description.

Blank reading pane

The eBook should be displayed in the reading pane on the right hand side of the screen but if it’s blank there has been an error displaying the content.

In Internet Explorer you may see the following flashing error message at the top of the screen:

If you click the message and then select ‘Display Blocked Content’ the eBook should now display.

If you’re using a MACGoogle ChromeFirefox or find that you’re still having issues with Explorer make sure you have the latest version of Adobe Reader installed.

PDFs opening in a separate window

If you find whilst reading a title online that each page opens up outside the browser, please open Adobe and go to Edit > Preferences > Internet and make sure the option ‘Display PDF browser’ is enabled.