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Online tutorial: Knowing Where to Look: Home


Welcome to the 'Knowing Where to Look' online tutorial

The Task

Effective literature searching skills are vital for students & academic staff to quickly locate the information & resources needed for assignments & research.  The development of comprehensive research skills is not only an important underpinning skill for academic work but also an important & useful transferrable life skill post University of Suffolk.


This workshop aims to introduce participants to key search tools & relevant online databases.  The skills developed will also allow participants to utilise standard search techniques, whilst understanding the different types of information available to them.

Learning Outcomes

Develop an understanding of how to limit & refine searches within search tools.
Understand nature & characteristics of different types of material.
Utilise & access information via various search tools.

Awareness of how to limit and refine searches on Summon, Google, Google Scholarand Subject databases.

Awareness of services and support offered by University of Suffolk Learning Services.

Information Literacies Competencies

B.1 Recognise the importance of using good quality information resources to complete an assignment.

B.3 Be aware of the first level support available from the Learning services Team.

B.5 Find materials on resources lists, including books and journal article, using the library catalogue.

B.6 Distinguish between different types of references and identify different kinds of resources from their reference on a resources list.

B.12 Select relevant items form a resource list or library catalogue search for a specific topic.

Employability Skills

6. (6.1) Numeracy- Collecting & recording data.

6. (6.2) (6.2) Working with data.

7. (7.1) Communication - Reading, selecting, analysing & synthesising information.

Workshops & Online Courses

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