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Libraries Week 2021

We'll be spotlighting seven of our favourite tools and resources throughout Libraries Week. Look out for posts on our social media channels for information on the best of what we have on offer!

Missed a social media post? Don't worry! We've collated all of this information and more below. 

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Discovery you the best search experience.

Discovery is our online library catalogue. Through Discovery, you can search all of our 151.3 million print and eResources. 

There are tons of handy features to give you the best search experience: 

Need Help? 

  • We have a complete Discovery guide available here
  • We’re running weekly workshops until the end of October, book onto one here.

Alternatively, watch the video below for guidance. 

Give Discovery a go!

eBook Collection 

We have over 200,000 eBooks at your disposal 24/7 via Discovery.

Our eBook platforms offer a huge range of accessibility and time-saving features that you just don’t get with print books: 

  • 24/7 remote access with your university login details 
  • Save to eBook central or VLEbooks bookshelf for ease of access 
  • Search ebook by keyword to locate relevant text 
  • Highlight, annotate and bookmark pages and revisit later 
  • Accessibility features such a page zoom, background colour selection, and read-aloud functions 

Need help?

  • Refer to our eBook guide, here
  • Refer to the eBook central guidance here.
  • Refer to the VLEbooks FAQs here.

Alternatively, watch the video below for guidance.

Search using Discovery

Journal Collection 

We have over 40,000 eJournal articles at your disposal 24/7 via Discovery. The library is also home to several print journals which can be accessed at any time during our opening hours.

Journals are also known as serials or periodicals. They are published serially (in parts) several times a year. Journal articles are especially useful for exploring niche topics and keeping up to date with developments in your subject area. ]

Journals can be academic or professional in nature. 

Academic journals: 

  • Contain research articles written by experts 
  • Are typically reviewed for quality control 
  • Include abstracts and bibliographies 
  • Are published monthly or less frequently 

Professional journals: 

  • Contain shorter articles that are easy to read and understand 
  • Include more current information 
  • May be published weekly or fortnightly 

Ready to browse our Journal collection? 

  • Search via keyword in Discovery and use the 'Article' (for individual articles) or 'Journal' (for complete Journals) filter 
  • Browse the A-Z of Journals or search by keyword 
  • Browse the A-Z of Databases or filter by subject (Databases are an amalgamation of several different journal articles) 
  • Visit the library and browse our print journals 

Search using Discovery

Box of Broadcasts (BoB)

Box of Broadcasts (BoB) is an academically focused and on-demand TV and radio service. BoB allows you to record programmes from over 75 free-to-air channels and search an archive of over 2.2 million broadcasts!

It’s basically Netflix for libraries!

Click here to visit the BoB site. You will need your six-digit student number and password to log in. 

Alternatively, search for BoB videos by typing the name of the film or programme into Discovery and selecting 'Video' under the content filter. 

Need Help? 

  • Consult BoB's frequently asked question guide here

Alternatively, watch the below video for guidance. 

Search using Discovery

Cite Them Right Online

Cite Them Right Online is our favourite referencing guide. It offers clear and comprehensive guidance for citing just about any source in several different referencing styles – including UoS Harvard!

You can access Cite Them Right Online here. You will need your six-digit student number and password to log in. 

Fed up of looking at screens? Not a problem! The Library carries several copies of the most recent print edition of Cite Them Right. 

Need Help? 

  • Complete the full CiteThem Right Online referencing Tutorial, here
  • Consult the Cite Them Right Online frequently asked questions, here
  • Take a look at our referencing support pages, here

Alternatively, watch the video below for guidance. 

Resource Requests

Did you know that we can request items not currently held in our collection from other libraries? We offer all Ipswich-based students up to 10 free resource requests per year (dependent on your year of study).

  • First-year undergraduate (Level 4) - 5 requests free of charge (request forms must be countersigned by course tutor)
  • Second-year undergraduate (Level 5) - 5 requests free of charge
  • Final year undergraduate (Level 6) - 10 requests free of charge
  • Taught Postgraduate - 10 requests free of charge
  • Research postgraduate - 20 requests free of charge

For more information on our resource request policy, see here

Ready to submit a resource request? 

To submit a resource request, click here

Alternatively, watch the video below for guidance: 

Stock Suggestions

We also take stock suggestions from Ipswich-based students. You can make stock suggestions for:

  • Books or DVDs we don’t currently hold in our collection
  • Books or DVDs you think we might need more copies of 
  • Books you would like a print copy of (where we only hold E copies) 
  • Books you would like an E copy of (where we only hold print) 

To make a stock suggestion, complete the form here

Please note that we cannot guarantee purchases will be made as a result of all stock suggestions. Our capacity to purchase items will depend on our capacity to source the item, cost, and likely extent of usage. 

Academic Support

Need help with referencing? Literature searching? Or perhaps you want to improve your academic writing? Library and Learning Services are here to help!

We offer a range of academic support options to suit every kind of learner, from 121 sessions to seminar-style workshops. Sessions are available face-to-face, over teams, phone, and email.

121 Sessions 

Ipswich-based students can book support sessions of up to one hour with members of our Academic Skills team. 

  • Academic Skills Advisors provide students with academic support in addition to their course. They teach the skills that you need for academic success such a referencing, grammar and academic writing. ASAs can see you from 8.30am to 7pm on weekdays.
  • Librarians support students in utilising library resources and beyond. They can assist with literature searching, evaluating sources, referencing and using reference management tools (i.e. RefWorks and Endnote). 
  • Our Maths and Statistics Advisor provides support with both general and course-related maths and statistics skills. She can assist with skills such as scientific maths, numeracy skills, and quantitative analysis of data. 

For more guidance on what respective team members can offer you, please navigate directly to the booking page, here

Workshops and Drop-ins 

The department of Library and Learning Services run a number of workshops throughout the year. We also run a number of workshops weeks, typically during busy assessment periods, which align with the work you are doing in your modules.

Below is a list of all of our upcoming workshops and drop-in events. Follow the links to book a place. All workshops will be delivered online during the academic year 2021-2022.