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Library User Guide

Using eJournals

What are journals?

Journals are sometimes called serials or periodicals. They are published serially (in parts) several times a year. There are two types of journals: 

  • Academic (scholarly) journals contain the most up-to-date material available on a subject and have often been peer-reviewed by other experts in the field, to ensure they are high quality. They are usually published monthly, or less frequently. 
  • Professional (updating) journals usually contain shorter articles, which are often illustrated; they're often easier to understand. They're still high quality and up-to-date, but are typically aimed at professionals in the field. These will usually be published weekly or monthly. 

How do I find and access Journal Articles?

eJournal articles are accessible 24/7 via the Library catalogue, Discovery. We also have a selection of print journals available to browse during the Library's opening hours. 

To locate journal articles on Discovery: 

  1. Type appropriate search terms into the search bar; journals available on the topic will be returned alongside relevant books
  2. If you'd like to, use the pane along the left-hand side to filter resources by format; just click the "Article" checkbox.
  3. Locate the resource you'd like to view and click the blue "Access Online" button.

After clicking the "Access Online" button, you'll be prompted to log in with your university credentials.

On the subsequent page, there will usually be a PDF icon using which you can download a PDF version of the required article.

Try spotting the PDF icon on the image below!