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Library User Guide

Resource Requests 

All Ipswich-based UoS students and staff are entitled to submit resource requests. Resource requests allow us to borrow books or receive article copies from other institutions across the UK. If you cannot access a book or article you need through the library, we can attempt to source it for you through a resource request. 

Resource requests can be submitted via your library account, here. Please note you will be prompted to login upon clicking this link. 

How many requests can I make?
  • First-year undergraduate (Level 4) - 5 requests free of charge (request forms must be countersigned by course tutor - please ask your tutor to email confirmation to 
  • Second-year undergraduate (Level 5) - 5 requests free of charge
  • Final-year undergraduate (Level 6) - 10 requests free of charge
  • Taught Postgraduate - 10 requests free of charge
  • Research postgraduate - 20 requests free of charge
  • Staff - 20 requests free of charge

How long does it take to get an item?

We generally advise that it will take 5-10 working days to receive a requested item. If we are advised that it will take longer we will let you know. 

Are there any charges?

Charges will only apply if you have used up your request allowance as outlined above. Where charges are made, these will be at the standard rate charged by British Library. Current rates are:

  • Electronic – standard delivery of a digital copy (from a ejournal/eBook) - £5.85
  • Electronic – standard delivery from print - £11.75
  • Electronic – 24 hour delivery from print - £20.50
  • Book loan – standard delivery - £17.20
  • Book renewal - £5.25*

If a book is lost or not returned, we may be charged a replacement cost by the lending institution. In the case of the British Library this is set at £179.20, and this charge will be passed on to you. 

How do I renew a resource request? 

If you wish to renew an item please try and let us know at least a week prior to the due date; call 01473 338700, or email

The cost of a renewal is £5.25. This charge will be added to your library account once we have confirmed the renewal has been successful. Not all renewal requests are successful, as the return date of all items are set by the lending library.