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£10,000 more books fund

Books Day By Day

So far, you have chosen the following eBooks to add to our collection:


7th May

6th May

5th May

10th May

12th May

13th May

17th May

18th May

20th May

24th May 

25th May

27th May

28th May

7th June

15th June

18th June

21st June

22nd June

24th June

28th June

5th July 

6th July

8th July

13th July

19th July

21st July 

23rd July 

26th July 

27th July

29th July

5th August

11th August

16th August

17th August

18th August

23rd August

31st August

6th September

9th September

10th September

13th September

14th September

15th September

20th September

27th September


Even More Books!

Based on recent feedback, we are looking at ways that we can further support your course with online resources.

This year we are running our More Books campaign again to allow students to request access to eBooks. 4,500 eBooks have been made available in Summon to request. Books purchased so far can be found on this page and this page will be updated as more titles are added.

If there are any resources that you would like to request to further support you this year, please submit this via our stock suggestion form, and we will consider it for purchase.


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