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Making the most of the online library: Home


Welcome to the making the most of the online library guide

If you are working away from the university, particularly if you are self-isolating, the library is still here for you. 

Current service status and updates can be found on our dedicated page. 

This guide is designed to help you find and get the most out of our online resources and support.

Online support

Online support for your studies are still available remotely. 

Book a one-to-one appointment here.

We can arrange to support you remotely in the following ways: 

  • Microsoft Teams
  • Email

For more information about using Microsoft Teams have a look at our guide. 

Library Resources Online

Library resources online

If you've not used them much before, remember now is the time to make use of the many electronic resources already available to you from the Library! 

We have over 180 online resources available in our A-Z.

Browse hundreds of online journals.


Your wellbeing

As well as keeping up with your studies using the resources available online, remember to look after yourself. Below is a link to Mind, who have set up a page all about looking after your wellbeing during this time. 

Coronavirus: Finding the Facts

Coronavirus: Finding the Facts

There is so much information available about Coronavirus (COVID-19), but where can you find reliable trustworthy information?

We have put together a few trusted sources for you to use. And remember, always be critical of information you read, especially online and if it is not from one of these official sources. 

Useful Links

smartphone showing image of bookshelves

We have guides available to help you with using our different online resources and that take you through important search skills for your studies. 

No All Books Are eBooks

Useful eBooks

Brush up on your online search skills with these eBooks.

Online Training

We will be moving our workshops online, and have upcoming webinars from some of our online resource providers to help you make the most out of their products. Find out what's coming up on the calendar below.

Online workshop content