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Peer Assisted Student Success (PASS) at the University of Suffolk: Home


Peer Assisted Student Success: Get support or get involved

Peer Assisted Student Success: an overview

  • Peer Assisted Student Success (PASS) is a scheme that is intended to foster cross-year support between students on the same course.  It encourages students to support each other and learn co-operatively under guidance of students from the year above.
  • PASS has five main aims and its purpose is to help students:
    • integrate quickly into student life;
    • acquire a clear view of course direction and expectations;
    • develop their learning and study skills to meet the requirements of higher education;
    • enhance their understanding of the subject matter of their course through collaborative group discussion;
    • prepare better for assessed work and exams.
  • After receiving training the more experienced students, called PASS Leaders, facilitate study support sessions for groups of students from the year below.
  • PASS sessions are intended to be planned, structured and friendly.  In PASS, the emphasis is on everyone in the group working co-operatively to develop their understanding.  PASS is therefore about exploratory discussion led by the PASS Leaders.  The more everyone joins in with the discussions, the better the sessions work.
  • Content for PASS sessions is based on existing course materials-handouts, notes, textbooks and set reading.

Peer Assisted Student Success sessions are NOT:

  • Targeted at weak or problem students - all participants should benefit;
  • Teaching by students;
  • A means of reducing existing lecturer - student contact;
  • An environment for socialising.

PASS Team - Contact details

PASS Co-ordinator - Abbie Cairns (01473 338711)