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Referencing effectively: using sources to enhance your assignments

How to use referencing effectively to demonstrate your knowledge, understanding and critical thinking skills 

Workshop Aims and Outcomes

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This workshop is applicable to students following any referencing style. While our online resources provide guidance on referencing correctly and appropriately, this workshop focuses on referencing effectively (see chart below). It introduces different techniques for referring to sources in your work and explores how these can help you demonstrate your knowledge, understanding and critical thinking skills. Opportunities to practise your skills and ask questions will also be included.   


By the end of the session you will: 

  1. 1: Understand the importance of referencing in demonstrating your knowledge, understanding and critical thinking skills. 

  1. 2: Be able to use quoting, paraphrasing and summarising to incorporate sources effectively into your own writing. 

  1. 3: Choose words and phrases that demonstrate a critical approach to sources. 

Please note: This workshop uses Harvard style examples but is applicable to students following any referencing style. 


Three aspects of good referencing


Are you formatting citations and reference lists correctly?


Do you know when you need to reference (and when you do not)?


Does your use of sources demonstrate your understanding?

  • Have you formatted the references correctly?
  • Is your reference list presented correctly?
  • Have you put in-text citations in the right place in the sentence?
  • Have you provided references when they are needed?
  • Have you perhaps provided references where they were not needed?
  • Is it clear why you have provided a reference?

  • Have quotations been introduced and followed up with a comment?
  • Have you paraphrased or summarised other peoples' words effectively?
  • Is it clear which are other people’s words and ideas and which are your own?

Workshops Details

Level: Workshop
Length: 1.5 hours
Prerequisites: None
Linked Modules: None
Delivery Method: Face-to-face