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Open Access: APC funding and Transformative Agreements

Find out more about what making your research open access, and what it means for REF 2021

APC Funding

When intending to publish your research there can be a number of costs involved.  The main open access publishing cost would be in the form of article processing charges (APCs).  An APC is a fee paid to the publisher to make an article freely available online. This is called Gold Open Access.  An APC covers the costs of peer review administration and management, professional production of articles in PDF and other formats, and dissemination of published papers.  APCs are set by publishers, and can range from £400 to £3500 per article 

If you wish to publish through the Gold Open Access Route, you will need to secure funding for the APCs.  The most common routes to funding are as follows: 

  • Via an external grant 

  • Via funds a co-author has secured 

  • Via your institutional school funds 

  • Via an institutional transformative agreement 

Transformative Agreements (TAs)

Transformative agreements, also known as ‘transitional’, or ‘read and publish agreements’ are:   

  • A method for funding your APCs 

  • Arrangements between publishers and Jisc affiliated institutions (such as UOS)   

  • A move away from the previous subscription model (read access only) to one where the institution benefits from publishing opportunities as well   

  • A move towards fully open access publishing  

What does this mean for UOS authors?

Potential access to funds for Gold OA (to cover the cost of some APCs*) for those corresponding authors affiliated with the University of Suffolk Who wish to publish in an eligible journal   

Which publishers do we have TAs with?  (linked out to further information) 

APCS covered for Open Select Hybrid journals (VAT charged*)   

APCs covered for OUP Hybrid and Fully OA journals (No VAT charges)   

APCs covered for Hybrid and Fully OA journals (possible extra costs for cover, colour, and page charges*)   

APCs covered for Sage Hybrid. 20% discount for Fully OA journals   

APCs covered for Springer Hybrid journals


APCs covered for Core Hybrid, Cell Press and the Lancet titles.  15% APC discount for fully OA titles.


*We are usually able to cover these extra charges from the library budget but please enquire​ as to the status of funds before proceeding


How to take advantage of a TA  

Please contact Library and Learning Services in the first instance, who will check eligibility, and will establish related costs (if any)   

Next (as a general rule) you would need to:   

  • Visit the publisher platform, and select the OA journal you wish to publish in   

  • During submission select the option/specify that your institution has a funding agreement in place   

  • Our OA publishing team will be alerted to your submission, and (all being well) will approve funding 

Further information 

For further information please contact David Upson-dale Research Repository & OA Compliance Manager


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