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Event & Tourism Management / Event & Marketing Reading Lists: Books and e-books

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Books and ebooks

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312                  Social Trends
314.4               Annual Abstract of Statistics

320                  Politics

330                  Economics

337                  International economics

338.4791         Tourism management

Event management
394.2068         Event management

338.7               Business economics

340                  Law

350                  Government

614.3               Food safety

647                  Catering

Hospitality management
             Hospitality management

650                  Business studies

650.072           Research methods for business

657                  Accounting

657.837           Hospitality accounting

658                  Management

658.15             Financial management

658.3               Human resource management

658.4012         Strategic management

658.4033         Quantitative methods

658.404           Project management

658.406           Managing change

658.4092         International business

658.5               Operations management

658.8               Marketing

659.1               Advertising

790.069           Leisure management


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