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University of Suffolk and the Learning Network Users Guide: Validation, Reading lists, Academic Support

Help with Validation, Revalidation, Resource and Reading Lists

The Library team is here to help you continue your own professional development as well as provide support and advice in developing teaching and research resources for your subject area. This includes:

  • Advice and guidance on developing & reviewing reading lists
  • Help with course development and revalidation (below)
  • Copyright & digitisation
  • When your students need to access key book chapters or journal articles, we can help you make them available online through course modules on Learn University of Suffolk.
  • Help in managing references and using reference management tools
  • Help in keeping up-to-date with information in your subject area (see subject guides relevant to your area)
  • See our "Supporting you in your research" page for more information on how we can  support your research requirements. Or contact your Librarian for help.

Staff Loans

University of Suffolk Ipswich Library

You can borrow up to 25 items at once from the University of Suffolk Ipswich Library. and an additional 10 loans from the British Library. You can also borrow up to 4 items from each of the other University of Suffolk libraries. You can also borrow from the library at UEA and register to borrow items from University of Essex. For more information look at our borrowing & loan types.

Stock suggestions

If you have any suggestions for books, journals or any other resources that you think will be useful to add to our collections, please go to the below link. Suggestions will be forwarded to the appropriate Librarian who will respond to you within 3 working days.

Stock suggestion form

If you are a member of staff at West Suffolk, Great Yarmouth, Lowestoft or Suffolk New College then please talk to the Librarian at your location who will be happy to discuss your requirements.

Help with course development and revalidation

Learning Services offer a range of services to assist both course teams and individuals, in the design and development of their learning, teaching and assessment models for validation, re-validations, approvals and re-approvals.

Our ongoing commitment to you

To ensure effective embedding within your curriculum, members of the Learning Services Team take a proactive role at Course Team Meetings, and input when and where required around planning and development activities.  

We can assist in the construction of reading lists for your modules by providing information relating to the following areas:

Books (Print and e-books)

By searching our suppliers database, publishers websites and existing resources we can help you to construct an up-to-date reading list containing print and e-books relevant to the subject. If you are compiling a reading list for the first time you may find our information on reading lists helpful 

Find more information about resource and reading lists here

Once your course is up and running we will review your reading list once a year, during this process we will check for new editions of titles, numbers of copies and usage.

We can also advise on ways to enhance and update your reading list using titles from our e-book collections.

Online resources

In addition to print and e-books we can also highlight existing online resources in our collection of use to your course that you might be unaware of. We can provide information about new online collections and databases of potential interest and set up trials so that you can assess their suitability.


Through our online collections and journal suppliers we can make sure that you have access to the titles that you need to support the course. If you would like a list of the existing journals for your subject then we can supply this.

To facilitate the effective embedding of technology enhanced learning within the curriculum, the e-learning team within Learning Services  work with the course team to design and develop appropriate models, we work to identify staff and student development and support needs, and implement a program to meet these needs. 

The e-learning development will provide dedicated resource to work with colleagues. For example, Learning Services have worked with Course Teams to;

  • develop a number of staff development sessions as they worked towards their validation event
  • discussed the potential of TEL within their teaching, learning and assessment model
  • more effectively integrate study skills support into the programme
  • collaborate to create an online taster course for recruitment and as a staff development tool

Please take a look at our page on Technologies for Learning for more information on how we can support you.

Underpinning your teaching and learning model are the independent study that students are expected to undertake in order to develop their knowledge and understanding of the subject. Learning Services are evolving innovative ways to nurture these skills:

  • With support from course areas to embed study skill sessions within your taught curriculum. 
  • Advise of integration within your course of a range online tools, including our online toolkit, tutorial and online guides and Maths Support Centre.
  • By providing group workshops and one-to-one session for your students

For example, Learning Services have worked with the Dance Course Team to integrate a weekly one hour study skills session into their teaching programme. This has been aligned with the assignment timetable to ensure the students access the support they need, when they need it.

The library can supply a range of documents to support the revalidation process. Contact the Librarian for your subject

The checklist below lists the material that we can provide, simply tick the reports that you would like us to supply and return the list to the relevant Librarian.

We will get the documents to you as quickly as we can.



All images included in this guide are available through Creative Commons licensing CC-BY-2.0