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Summon: A Great Place to Start Your Research: Search with Summon

Welcome to Summon, our online discovery tool.

On this page you can find information to support your academic research from a wide range of sources, both academic and non-academic. 


Search Library resources with Summon

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        Starting your search

Searching is as easy as Search - Refine - Click.
  • Search: enter your search terms.
  • Refine: use the filters on the left side of the search results to refine your search. 
  • Click: click on an item to access. 
Summon contains billions of citations. When you search with basic Summon search, you may get more results than you can easily work with. That’s why the Advanced Search tool is so powerful: it makes your search more specific. 



Summon Basic Search 

This video will help you to get started on Summon. 

Saving Searches in Summon 

This video will show you how to save your searches. 

Top tips

  • Any words you enter in the search bar will find sources that contain exactly these terms in the citation and/or full text.
  • Use the menu on the left-hand side of your screen to filter your search by subject, content type, etc.
  • Be careful of spelling, punctuation and conjunctive words when searching. 
  • If you're not getting the results you want, think about your keywords. Try using a thesaurus to identify appropriate synonyms and change-up your search.
  • Think about how broad/narrow your search terms are. If you're researching a specialist topic, your search terms may not be included in the resource title. E.g. You probably won't find a book called Lactose digestion, but this could be a chapter in a book on Nutrition.

Summon Advanced Search 

This video will help you to use the more advanced options in Summon. 

Need more information? 

Please feel free to contact the Learning Services Helpdesk and a member of staff will be happy to help.
Alternatively, book an appointment with one of our Learning and Teaching Librarians.