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Workshop: Understanding Copyright for Digital Media: Home


Welcome to the Understanding Copyright for Digital Media Workshop Guide


Workshop Aims and Outcomes


This session will provide an introduction to and overview of Creative Commons Licensing, an attribute associated with a number of freely-available information resources found on the internet, as well as common issues related to utilising digital copyrighted materials.

Learning Outcomes

By the end of the session students will:

  • Further understanding of copyright guidelines for fair use of images from the internet

  • Understand what Creative Commons Licensing is, as well as the attributes/levels associated with reproducing materials under this license.

  • Demonstrate their understanding of the importance of following copyright guidelines with regard to reproducing images found on the internet  

  • Articulate the concepts of fair use and copyright exceptions

  • Find an image available from the internet, recognise what type of copyright (if any) the item is licensed under, and use appropriately

  • Apply Creative Commons License to their own work

Outline of session

The session will include the following

  • Overview of copyright and introduction to Creative Commons licensing

  • Retrieval of image from internet (Case study)

  • Practical application of searching/using images on the internet 

  • Review of issues related to the session (Q&A)

  • Quiz pertaining to copyright and Creative Commons

  • Discussion of further sources available for locating images

Workshops Details

Level: Workshop
Length: 1.5 hour
Prerequisites: None
Linked Modules: None
Delivery Method: Face-to-face

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