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Virtual Open Day

University of Suffolk Virtual Open Day

Using the Virtual Classroom

'Virtual Classroom' is a tool within the University's Brightspace learning environment that allows academic staff to hold a webinar instead of a face-to-face session.

To access Virtual Classroom access the link you will have been sent via email, or via the Virtual Open Day page on the main University website.

Please ensure you are using Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox or Microsoft Edge browser on your PC / Mac.

    Safari will not allow you to access the session.

If you are accessing via an iPhone or iPad please use the Safari browser.

If the meeting is ready, you will be able to enter by pressing the blue button. If the lecturer is already in the Virtual Classroom, it will show 'Enter'. If they aren't there yet, it will say 'Enter Meeting When Started'. If you're too early, the button will be greyed out.

Once the meeting has started you will be asked to enter your name.


When you're in, you will be prompted to either join with your microphone, or to just listen. This can be changed later. Depending on how your lecturer wants you to participate, you may not have the option of using your microphone, as there is also a chat option within Virtual Classroom.

You may get a prompt asking you if it's ok for Virtual Classroom to use your microphone. If you're happy with that, choose 'Allow'.

allowing microphone access

If you have joined with the microphone, it will do a little audio test to check that it's working.

Next, you'll see a screen like this. Once the lecturer has uploaded their presentation, you'll see that in place of the white background.

main screen in virtual classroom

Clicking the person icon towards the top left will show you a list of who else is attending the session at the moment.

toggling user list

The speech bubble icon will toggle the public chat. The lecturer can disable this function, but it is normally left on. Be mindful that everyone will be able to read what is posted here, and if the session is being recorded, these comments will also be visible afterwards.

public chat area

If you wish to leave the session, you can do so by clicking the three dots in the top right, and then selecting 'Leave'.

leaving virtual classroom