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Welcome to the Reading Journal Articles Workshop Guide

Workshop Aims and Outcomes


Finding and accessing journal articles can be a daunting process when entering an undergraduate programme.  This session will look at the elements that make up peer reviewed journal articles in order for you to feel more comfortable and empowered to read and evaluate them within your studies.

Learning Outcomes

By the end of the session your will:

  • Understand what a peer reviewed journal is
  • Find a peer reviewed journal article using Discovery
  • Understand the different parts that make up a journal article
  • Evaluate articles for relevance and quality

Why attend this workshop?

This workshop will help you understand the structure of journal articles so that you can make effective use of them in your studies. 


Academic Literacies Mapping

This workshop is mapped to the following employability and skills frameworks

Information Literacy: 

B.13  Evaluate information from web pages for relevance, bias and authority

B.14 Identify, interpret and synthesise relevant points from an information source

Graduate Headstart: 

‚Äč(1.1) Improving own performance and Learning
(2.1) Plan personal work schedules
(2.2) Monitor and manage progress on prolonged tasks
(5.1) Preparing information
(5.2) Processing and presenting information
(6.1) Collecting and recording data
(6.2) Working with data
(6.3) Presenting your findings
(7.1) Reading, selecting analysing and synthesising information from a range of sources 

Workshops Details

Level: Workshop
Length: 1 hour
Prerequisites: None
Linked Modules: None
Delivery Method: Face-to-face


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