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EndNote : Exporting into EndNote

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Getting references into your EndNote Library

You can export references into EndNote from most of our databases and Summon.
Each database treats export slightly differently, look for the link to export.  Examples of how to export from Summon, Proquest and Ebsco databases are shown. 


  • Undertake your search
  • If you are exporting one reference select the three dots next to the record on Summon

A screenshot of a Summon record with the three dots menu next to the record expanded.


  • A drop down will be shown from which EndNote can be selected
  • The reference will download to the toolbar at the bottom of the screen 
  • Click on the up arrow to display the open option, this will export your reference into EndNote
  • Your reference will appear in the Imported References folder

If you wish to export more than one reference, add items to the folder icon
Once you have all your references added to the folder, select the folder at the top of the screen

Proquest databases

  • Undertake your search

If you wish to export more than one reference

At the top of the screen is the option to save, select this 

A screenshot of the Cite, Email, Print and Save options in a ProQuest database.

  • Select RIS
  • Records will export to EndNote
  • A message will display from Proquest to say that your download is complete

If you are exporting one item this can also be done from within the full record on Proquest.

  • In the full record look for the save option, select this
  • Look for the option to save to EndNote as RIS

Ebsco databases

Exporting one reference

  • Undertake your search
  • Display the full record by clicking on the title, a list of tools will display on the right hand side of the screen
  • Select the Export option
  • Select the Direct Export in RIS format 
  • Download will appear along the bottom toolbar
  • ​Select open to export the reference

To export more than one reference

  • Add items to the folder by clicking on the folder icon
  • Open the folder at the top of the screen
  • ​Select the export option 
  • Finally select Direct Export in RIS Format
  • Items will download and appear along the bottom toolbar 
  • Select open to export the reference 

Manually adding references

It is possible to add references from scratch

In the EndNote library

Select References from the toolbar along the top of the screen

This displays the option to create a new reference

  • Select the correct type of material (journal article, website, book etc) from the options available
  • Fill in the fields.  Note that you do not have to fill in all fields. 
  • Authors should be entered either surname then first name or first name then surname. Eg. Kentley, Eric or Eric Kently
  • Organisational names must have a comma after the end of the organisation, eg. Department of Health, if the comma is omitted EndNote will assume that Health is the author and arrange the entry under Health rather than Department of Health.
  • If there is more than one author place each on a separate line
  • Red indicates that the name is new to your EndNote Library
  • When you have finished select File and Save.
  • ​Reference will show in your imported references file