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Study Spaces: Study Spaces

Study Spaces

At the University of Suffolk Library, we've got a wide range of study spaces to suit all kinds of learners. To make things easy, we've color-coded each area with a traffic light system, so you know exactly what noise level to expect:

Group Study Sign Quiet Study Sign Silent Study Sign
Group Study & Pods Quiet Study Silent Study

Report Disruptive Behaviour

We conduct hourly library patrols, but we don't always know when someone is being disruptive. Help us maintain a comfortable Library atmosphere and let us know if someone is: 

  • Talking loudly in a designated quiet study area
  • Talking in a designated silent study area 
  • Making a call in a quiet or silent study area
  • Eating food in a designated quiet or silent study area 
  • Eating hot food
  • Behaving inappropriately

Tell us who, what and where, by texting our Library hotline anonymously on 07921234256 or using the Live Chat function on our site. The library team will ensure that the rules are being upheld.