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Brightspace Update: The 'D2L Connection' event in Dublin
Last week, one of our Digital Learning team popped along to Dublin for the 'D2L Connection' event. Here's a little Brightspace update for you.
Service Response and Impact - August 2019
Brightspace Support: What's New?
This post contains details about the range of Brightspace support materials that we have put in place for both students and staff.
What did the Romans ever do for us?
Service Response and Impact | July 2019
Oi’m gorn dowen th’ loibree
Library Building Works : 27 - 28 July 2019
That’s Gross - The Mathematics of Income Tax
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My role jointly leading the Digital Learning Team focusses on the various learning systems in use at the University. I ensure the University of Suffolk has appropriate, fit for purpose systems and processes allowing both the institution and its people to grow in a digital society. I have responsibility for managing the team that supports VLE, LMS, ERM, OPAC, Digitisation and Copyright, Video and Audio production as well as Reprographics.

My areas of additional interest include innovative technologies and learning spaces.

I am a qualified Librarian and joined University of Suffolk in September 2015 following 18 years experience in primary, secondary, further education and public libraries.

I take responsibility for supporting students and staff in the following areas: Applied Social Sciences, Children, Young People and Education, Suffolk Business School, Science and Technology

David joined UCS during 2007 having TUPE transferred from Suffolk College’s Centre for Research in Educational Applications of Telematics, where he was a Multi-Media Content Author, designing rich interactive media for use in full distance learning courses.

As the Director of Learning and Teaching, it is my responsibility to ensure that the services my team of Librarians, Academic Skills Advisors and Digital Learning Specialists directly respond to, support and enhance the learning, teaching and research opportunities offered at the University of Suffolk. We work collaboratively with partners across our professional services and academic course teams to develop the skills and knowledge needed to succeed in further study or employment.

I am the Library Services Manager, starting in July 2016. I have a degree Theatre Design (2009) from Nottingham Trent University and an MA in Librarianship (2015) from Loughborough University. I am also responsible for delivering and developing user engagement activities such as Critical Friends in order to gather feedback to improve our services. /p>

I am the librarian providing support for course areas in the School of Art, Design and Humanities and have a background in the History of Art. I am here to help you make the most of the resources available to you and can offer sessions based on your requirements, from induction sessions for new staff and students, to workshops and one-to-one help for all students. I have built up strong links with academic staff in the areas that I support and work with them to ensure that the resources they require are available..