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Welcome to the University of Suffolk Academic Skills Hub

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Academic Language

Academic vocabulary, cautious language, evaluative language and more.

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Academic Writing

Planning, structuring, critical thinking and writing, building an argument and more.

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Assessment & Feedback

Types of assessment, understanding assessment, using feedback and more.

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Choosing a topic, research proposals, planning, chapters and more.

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Finding Information

The search process, preparing to search, search tools and resources and more.

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Managing Your Studies

Independent learning, managing your time, notetaking, reading techniques and more.


Maths & Stats

Algebra, number, sequences and series, statistics, using data and more.

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Referencing & Plagiarism

What and why reference, referencing styles, referencing tools and more.

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Revision & Exams

Revision strategies, online assessments, common types of exams and more.

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121 Appointments

How to book a 121 appointment with an Academic Advisor or Librarian.

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How to book onto workshops provided by the Learning & Teaching Librarians.