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EndNote : Managing references

Have questions regarding EndNote?

Answers to questions about referencing can be found here.  If you need further help please book an appointment with an appropriated adviser here.

Support hours are:

Monday – Friday: 8:30 am – 5:00 pm

You can also contact learning services by email

Access training from EndNote here 

EndNote Online quick reference guide here

Editing references

Each reference can be edited. 

  • Select the reference to edit
  • A side pane will display showing the fields for the record.
  • Click in a field to edit it.  For example, if the author name is empty select the author field 
  • After editing click on File and Save

Adding full text (attaching PDFs) to your references

  • Select the item that you wish to attach the PDF to.
  • Right click and select File Attachments
  • Attach file
  • Navigate to the file that you wish to attach
  • Once uploaded the article can be viewed in the relevant reference under the PDF tab


If you have a folder of saved PDFs EndNote can upload them and create references.

Make sure all items in your folder are in PDF format

  • Select File from the top of the screen
  • Select import
  • If you have one PDF select file, if you have a folder of PDFs select Folder
  • ‚ÄčNavigate to your folder in the Import Folder field using the Choose option
  • Make sure Import option is set to PDF
  • ‚ÄčOnce imported EndNote will ask you to save your references.

You may need to edit your imported references

Managing your references

All references show in the All References section and will remain there until deleted.

References can also be added to groups

  • Create groups for different elements of your research
  • To create a group
  • Right click on the groups area to create a group, or use the Groups option shown at the top of the screen
  • Drag references into the group, references will also remain in you All References list.
  • An alternative way to move references is to highlight them (hold down the control key to select multiple entries)
  • Right click on the entries and select Add References to, select the relevant group to move items to.

Remove items from a group

  • Open the group
  • Right click on the reference that you wish to remove, select Remove Reference from Group

Note, if you select Move Reference to Trash this will remove the reference from all folders (including All References)

Deleting references

Select the items that you wish to delete.  
Right click on the reference
Select Move to Trash

This will move the item to Trash.

To remove entirely, select the Trash folder and delete items by right clicking and selecting Empty Trash