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Ipswich Library User Guide: Working with local schools

How to book a visit

If you would like to bring a group of 6th form students here to the Library, please contact to discuss requirements and possible dates

Information for Teachers

Information for Teachers

We are able to offer visits to Learning Services to support local 6th form students who may be working on an extended project qualification (EPQ) for additional UCAS points.

We offer escorted groups of students the opportunity to spend time working here with us at the University of Suffolk, learning about and using some of our resources with the support and guidance of our Librarians and Study Skills Advisors.

How long can a visit last?

This depends on how much time you want to spend with us. We can work with groups for a couple of hours, right up to a whole day. Some of the topics we can include are:

  • Understanding different types of information.
  • Evaluating information - bias, value and currency.
  • Finding information - different sources, putting together searches.
  • Using the information you find, referencing, plagiarism and copyright.


Where possible we will work with groups of students in our fully equipped training room, in the Library. We offer students the chance to work with our own library catalogue and a selection of our databases to search for suitable information for their own extended projects. This is done in compliance with the walk-in user licence permissions of each resource.