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Presentation - ATK

Information Fit

Regardless of the types of sources you plan to use (i.e. books, journals, electronic resources, newspapers, etc.) for your research, it is helpful to devise a method for ensuring your chosen references fit the purpose and criteria of your presentation.  This will also help prepare you for referencing later in the process.

Some questions you should ask yourself in preparation for searching include:

  • What information will be relevant to the question I need to answer?
  • Who are the experts in the subject area I am researching? 
    • What materials have they published that will be beneficial for me to consider and analyse?
  • Who are the major publishers for this subject area?
  • How much time am I prepared to spend searching for information?

Reading Lists

You can also use your reading lists as a basis for ideas about finding additional sources for your presentation.  The titles on your reading lists have already been vetted by your lecturers and determined to be sound pieces of work, therefore, it is a good idea to compare any additional materials you want to use to those provided already in your lists.