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Interior Design Subject Guide (West Suffolk College): Books & eBooks



Books & eBooks

The Bury St. Edmunds library provides print and e-book collections to support Interior Design.
All items on your reading list are available in either a print or electronic version. 

This guide provides you with useful shelf marks, search strategies and links to reading lists.

You can also find a variety of additional wider reading by browsing the library shelves or accessing Summon. Ensure that you limit to "Full text online" when searching to avoid the printed books in University of Suffolk Ipswich Library.

Useful Classmarks

The shelfmark (or classmark) will tell you where to find an item on the library shelves. Look out for the shelfmark on the library catalogue record. We use the Dewey system which works like this:

Books are shelved numerically digit by digit according to the number on the spine label,340.3  is shelved before 340.31 which is shelved before 340.2

Within each subject books are shelved alphabetically according to the author or first word of the title, so 340 SMI [Author is Smith] is shelved before 340.5 WHI [Author is White].

658 - General management

658.5 - Management of production

658.8 - Marketing

659 - Advertising and public relations

720 - Architecture

720.284 - Architectural drawing

728 - Residential and related buildings

729 - Design and decoration of structures and accessories

741 - Drawing and drawings

741.6 - Graphic design, illustration, commercial art

745 - Decorative arts

745.2 - Industrial art and design

745.4 - Pure and applied design and decoration

745.7 - Decorative colouring

746 - Textile arts

746.3 - Pictures, hangings, tapestries

746.4 - Needlework and handwork

746.6 - Printing, painting, dyeing

746.7 - Rugs

746.9 - Other textile products

747 - Interior decoration

747.3 - Ceilings, walls, doors, windows

747.4 - Floors

747.5 - Draperies, upholstery, rugs and carpets

747.7 - Decoration of specific rooms of residential buildings

747.8 - Decoration of specific types of building

747.9 - Specific decorations




Further Information & Support

For more information about search strategies, take a look at our Searching for Information Guide.

You can also access step-by-step information about accessing books and ebooks through the University of Suffolk Assignment Toolkit.

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