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RefWorks - Reference Management: Getting Your Existing References Into RefWorks

Welcome to the RefWorks guide. This page will help you with getting your existing references into RefWorks.

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Getting your Existing References into RefWorks


How to Import Your RefWorks Database into your new Refworks account

You can import your references and file attachments from RefWorks into your new Refworks account with the click of a button!  It will also import any personal styles you have created as well as your folders and put them into your new Refworks account.  Note:  If you have multiple file attachments in a single reference, each file attachment will be imported as a single document.

1.  Click on the "add" A screenshot of the "add" button: a grey plus symboland select “Import References”. 

A screenshot of the "add" menu with an arrow pointing to the Import References option.

2.  Click on the RefWorks button in the “import directly from your current reference manager area”. icon  in Refworks 

A screenshot of the Import references menu, with a box highlighting RefWorks.
​3.  You’ll be asked to “authorize” to your RefWorks account so you will need to enter your old RefWorks login details.
A screenshot of the Import References screen with text: In the next step, you'll authenticate with RefWords, so Flow can import your items from it"
A screenshot of the RefWorks login screen.
4.  Your items will be imported into Refworks
A screenshot of the "Import complete" message.
5.  Your research will appear in the recent area of your Refworks account,