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Using eBooks: VLeBooks

About VLeBooks 

This guide will introduce you to the VLeBooks eBook platform, how to use it and its main features. 

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For more information about VLeBooks and help using this platform visit the help pages on the VLeBooks website


The online reader is compatible with screen readers that provide OCR functionality, such as Read and Write Gold and eBooks downloaded to eReader software such as Adobe Digital Editions can be read by most other software. 

The platform provides 20 plus levels of magnification. Windows & iOS magnifier can also be used. Reflow is available for eBooks that have been downloaded.

You can edit the accessibility settings in VLeBooks to set your own preferences for the platform e.g. font and contrast. The options are applied permanently or until you make a change. Access the feature via the ‘Edit Accessibility Settings’ tab under the ‘Home’ area of the platform.

When using ‘Read Online’ you can change the background colour to suit your requirements. Select ‘read online’ and access the colour wheel in the top right hand corner of the screen. To amend contrast you will need a browser plugin such as ‘High Contrast’ on Chrome.

For more information on accessibility, visit the help page on the VLeBooks site

Features of VLeBooks

Reading online 

You can read any books available on VLeBooks online in your browser. Reading online allows you to access a range of useful features. Below is a brief introduction to what's available. 


Scroll or click through the pages of your eBook. You can also skip to a specific page by entering the page number. 

Search and dictionary

Search and dictionary options are available via the left side panel and are located within the search tab. To use this feature simply click the option you would like to use located under the search box and then input the word into the search box and press go.


Another feature of the VLeBooks online reader is the note taking facility. This allows you to make notes against particular pages in an eBook. The notepad is located below the eBook and once notes have been made they are then stored under the notes tab in the left sidebar. From the sidebar notes are listed in page order and can be viewed and deleted. When you click on a note the online reader automatically navigates to page the notes were made on.


The online reader allows you to share snippets of text via the share button located on the top bar of the online reader. With this function you can share text on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Google plus as long as you have a registered account with them. 


Using export citation allows you to send bibliographic data from the title you are currently reading into your chosen reference management tool. The system allows export to either RefWorks or EndNote. To export the bibliographic data click the citation button on the top bar of the reader and choose either option in the popup that appears, this will save a file which can be used with your reference management tool. 


The copy button is located on the top bar of the reader and allows you to copy either a section of text or a whole page from the eBook for use outside of the reader. The copy function is limited for security to the maximum number of page allow by that title.


The print button is located on the top bar of the reader and allows the user to print off pages from the eBook currently open. The print function is limited to a certain number of pages for security and depends on the maximum number of pages allowed by that title. 


Located on the top bar, bookmarks provide you the option of bookmarking the page you are currently reading by pressing add in the drop down menu for later use. The second option is on the drop down is the go to page function which navigates the user back to the page with have bookmarked.


You can download eBooks from the VLeBooks platform for a limited time to read on your own device and offline. 

To download books you need a device that is compatible with Adobe DRM. You can download Adobe Digital Editions for free here. 


You can add your favourite and essential reading to your own bookshelves to access them quickly and create multiple bookshelves for different topics.