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Using eBooks: Ebook Central eBooks

About eBook Central 

This guide will introduce you to the eBook platform eBook Central.

eBook central facilitates research and document exploration in a wide range of subject areas. Use the powerful search capabilities to gradually narrow your focus by specifying subjects, keywords, authors, publishers, publication years, or other information available for the documents

Access the Ebook central help pages here 


Its is advised that you read ebrary eBooks online.

Most eBooks come in PDF format, the files are only available to you for the number of days you select, you cannot renew an e-books, but you can download the eBook again. It is not possible to copy or print from downloaded eBooks, so you may find the Read Online option is more convenient. 

For more information on reading and downloading from eBook Central click here to go to the eBook Central help guide.

How to download an eBook 

You can download an eBook Central ebook for offline reading on a computer, an iPad or Android mobile device 


To download eBooks you will need

  • An Adobe ID
  • Bluefire Reader installed on your iPad or Android
  1. On your device, use a browser to connect to your ebrary site or go to A – Z e-Resources look for ebrary and click the link

    Use your student login details to sign in
  2. Search in ebrary for the book you want to download
  3. Click the title of the book

    Note, you may be asked to sign in again click Continue
  4. Click on the Full Download

    You will be asked what kind of device you are using

    A screenshot of the "What device are you using?" screen.

  5. Select your device, iOS or Android and then I’m using my own device and Continue

    Note, When you are downloading from a phone or tablet for the first time, you will be prompted to download Bluefire Reader first.

    To do this select Get Bluefire Reader and down from your App Store, for more information click here

    A screenshot of the "You will need Bluefire Reader" message.

  6. Once you have Bluefire Reader Click on Done with this Step
  7. Click on Download Your Book

    A screenshot of the "Download Your Book" screen.

Bluefire Reader opens automatically once you download your book.

For non-Android, non-iOS devices (e.g., Windows phone or Surface tablet), select “Laptop/Desktop” as your device, then use an Adobe-DRM-compatible reader app available on that platform (e.g. DL Reader).

If a book cannot be downloaded, it might be that:

·       Book is provided as a loan –loaned books cannot be full downloaded

·       Publisher doesn’t allow full downloads, check: >more info

·       It’s a limited-user book and no more downloads allowed for the book

·       User has the max 10 books downloaded. Return books:  >more info

Important note! Notes made in downloaded files are not retained after the download expires or is returned.

Read online

To read an EBook Central  eBook online, select the 'Read Online' button.
In the left panel inside the Online Reader, click the 'Contents' tab to view and select any chapter.
Inside the Online Reader, select the 'Search' tab at left to full-text search within the eBook.
EBook central  eBooks load as a continuous image in the Online Reader screen. You can scroll through the whole eBook.
Use the toolbar along the top of your screen to access the EBook central page forward/back, page sizing, printing, and copying tools.
You can navigate between pages using the toolbar's advance and reverse arrows; can enter a specific page number you would like to go to; or can navigate by chapter headings to the left of the Reader screen.
Tip: Your can use the 'Notes' tab in the left-hand frame to add your own notes and save them for future visits, export them in a .txt file, or print them along with the page

Further information about using Ebook central can be found here