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Ipswich Library User Guide: Customer Service

Our mission

Learning Services puts our students at the centre of every service we deliver, and each decision we make. Our service standards and Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) are designed to ensure we reflect the institutional values, principles and goals presented in the University of Suffolk strategic plan

Each year we publish the standards we expect our service to meet, along with a report on how we have done. Please let us know what you think the of the service we deliver, and our performance against these standards. 

Our service promise

Excellent customer service, treating you fairly and with respect

  • Our staff will be courteous, knowledgeable and approachable.
  • You will not have to wait for more than 5 minutes at any of our service or help points.
  • Staffed services will be available to you at a minimum of 78.5 hours per week, subject to bank holiday hours or institutional closure.
  • You will receive a response to any written enquiry within 1 working day (Monday - Friday), subject to bank holidays or institutional closure. 
  • We will work with colleagues in Student Services to ensure all aspect of our service and resource provision are  accessible and inclusive to all those in our community.

Feedback and consultation

  • Feedback from our customers will be used to enhance the delivery and design of our services. 
  • Focus groups, and action plans will be held with members of our community in response to feedback, and the National Student Survey (NSS).
  • Where contact details are provided, you will receive a response to your comment or suggestion within 5 working days, subject to bank holiday hours or institutional closure.

Welcoming new students and staff

  • We will offer a library induction to all new staff.
  • We will offer one-to-one or course based inductions for new students.
  • We will provide an online guide introducing our services to those joining the University of Suffolk community.

Support and resources

  • We will offer a suite of workshops, one to one appointments and online tutorials to support students and staff in the enhancement of skills to support them in their journey to becoming a successful graduate.
  • New print resources will be available to our customers within 3 working days of receipt.
  • New electronic resources will be available to search, where possible via Summon, within 3 working days of activation.
  • 100% of resource requests will be sent to a supplying library within 1 working day. 80% of requests will be satisfied within 2 weeks.
  • Copyright cleared digitised chapters and journal articles will be processed and returned to you within 5 working days

Learning environments

  • We will provide you with clean, safe environments in which to study.
  • We will provide spaces to support individual silent and quiet study as well as group study.
  • We will provide spaces with desk top IT as well as laptops and clear desk study spaces. 
  •  95% of PCs in the Library will always be working.

Providing feedback

There are several ways you can let us know how we are doing.

Critical Friends

We hold Critical Friends events twice a year. We want you to help us enhance our service by providing us with your feedback and ideas to ensure that we provide you with the services and resources you need. 



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