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Arts Practice Subject Guide (West Suffolk College): Research Databases


Academic Databases

There are numerous databases available to you which provide access to high-quality information you won't find on Google. 

Most of the databases enable you to find full-text journal articles and references, but we also have newspaper, image and
media databases that you can use.

Access Using Summon

The fastest way to access databases is to search using Summon (below):

Looking for something?

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A-Z eResources List

In addition to using Summon, you can browse our A-Z of eResources list of you want to access a particular database.
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Structuring your Search

You can save yourself time by spending a few minutes planning how you want to search the databases before you begin.

Consider the following:

  • Which database(s) to search
  • Keywords- what will you search for?
  • How to link the keywords together
  • Will you apply any limits to your search? (date of publication, full-text, format)

For more information about searching, take a look at our Searching for Information page. 

You can also look at our pages in the Assignment Toolkit related to searching for information.

Moving images

Useful Databases

The following databases / journal collections will be useful for your area of study:

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