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Academic and Information Literacies: Information Literacy - Advanced Level

Information Literacy Competencies - Advanced Level

At advanced level it is expected that users can:

A.1 Recognize the importance of using a comprehensive set of high quality, research-based resources

A.2 Redefine their information need in relation to material already found

A.3 Identify a wide range of resources within and beyond a subject area (including Special Collections, grey literature, preprints, institutional repositories, theses, etc.) and determine which are relevant for the research topic

A.4 Decide which databases are most relevant to their research

A.5 Understand how to acquire material not available from UCS Library collections (e.g. using inter-library loans, SCONUL, other libraries, etc.)

A.6 Differentiate between primary and secondary sources

A.7 Recognise when information may need to be constructed from raw data from primary sources

A.8 Find help both within and outside the place of study/research

A.9 Develop in-depth search strategy on a wide range of information resources

A.10 Use specialised information resources to retrieve information, where appropriate (e.g. Datastream)

A.11 Assess the quantity and relevance of the search results in order to filter out irrelevant information and identify gaps

A.12 Utilise current awareness services, such as table of contents alerts, search alerts and RSS feeds

A.13 Evaluate whether the various information sources retrieved are relevant, authoritative, reliable, valid, timely or biased

A.14 Select appropriate information from the range of results retrieved for the research topic

A.15 Use bibliographic management software to manage references

A.16 Keep a record of information searching activities

A.17 Utilise tools such as discussion lists and online professional networks to communicate with other researchers

A.18 Apply the information found to a research proposal or dissertation

A.19 Communicate their own research findings to appropriate audiences