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PgCAP and PASSPoRT: Reading List


This reading list has been designed to support applicants in developing their applications towards developing Descriptor 1, Descriptor 2 and Descriptor 3 of the UKPSF 

Introduction to learning and teaching in HE

Theories of Learning & Teaching and the Practice of Excellence in HE (K2, K3, V3) 

Understanding the student lifecycle & student support framework (A4) 

Inclusive practice + Understanding disability in learning (V2, K3) 

Introduction to portfolios and reflective writing - link it to literature (A1, A5) 

Designing effective and constructive feedback

 Introduction to constructive & effective feedback and feed forward (K3., A3) 
 How to develop assessment rubrics (K5, A3) 
 Principles and practices of communicating feedback to students (K2, K3) 

Evidence based approaches to access and participation

Inclusive learning design (V1) 

Non-traditional students and critical pedagogy (V1, V2, V4) 

Advanced learning design (V3) 

Engaging and motivating students (V3) 

Communicating research effectively

Writing for scholarly publications  (A4, A5, K2, V4) 

Writing evidence based reports (A4, A5, K2, V4) 

Planning and writing  critical reviews (A4, A5, K2, V4) 

Developing effective learning environments

Introduction to Pedagogy of care (A1, A5, V2) 

Effective student engagement methods (K3, K4, V2) 

Supervising learning effectively: Fostering progressive learning - guided: negotiated: independent learning  (A2, A4) 

Academic co-coaching (A5) 

Curriculum design and Block & Blend

Theories and practice in curriculum design (A1, K2) 
Course design journey as well as process (quality / validation) (K5 & K6) 
Principles of blended learning and instructional design (A1, K4) - Brightspace 

Evaluating and enhancing learning & student experience

Academic coaching  (K3, V6) 

Communicating effectively with students (K2, K3) 
Effective mentoring and coaching (V1, V2) 
Peer mentoring (A5) 

Recent Developments in Pedagogy, Curriculum and Assessment

Critical understanding of curriculum (K2, K5) 

Embedding creativeness in learning teaching and assessment (A4, K2, V3) 

Promoting participation and opportunities for learners

Employability, Enterprise and Entrepreneurship in the curriculum

Embedding Employability in the curriculum (A4, K6, V2, V4) 

Entrepreneurship in the curriculum (A4, K6, V2, V4) 

Moving into leadership - module and course leadership - Professionalism and behaviours (A2, A5, K3, V4)  

Philosophies of effective assessment

Developing effective learning environments (A4) 
Assessment design - authentic assessment (K5) 
Formative philosophies in practice in and beyond assessment (K3, V1, A3) 
 Design for group work assessments (V2, A4) 

Research and evidence informed pedagogy

Evidence-informed approaches (V3) 

Research and project based learning (A4, K2) 

Basics of research ethics- scholarship of learning and teaching (A5, V4) 

Designing a reading list (A1, V3) 


Applying Theory in Educational Research Scholarship of teaching and learning

Applying Theory in Educational Research (V3) 

Applying Theory in Educational Practice (V3) 

Research based Technology Enhanced Learning and Teaching (K4, V3) 

Innovation on L & T and Critical Pedagogies