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Study Skills

Microsoft Word

Nearly all students will need to use a word processor as part of their studies, and for most people, that means Microsoft Word. It's one of the most commonly used applications in the world.

It can also be a complicated piece of software, so we've made a range of guides to help you with the most common tasks you'll need to complete in your studies.

As a University of Suffolk student, you're able to download Microsoft Office apps for free on plenty of devices. For more information, follow this link:

Useable Templates

To help you with using Microsoft Word, we've made a range of usable templates for you to download and edit.

Access them below:

Formatted Word Documents 

Printable Resources

To help you with using Microsoft Word, we've made a range of useful step-by-step tutorials, with images and text.

Access them below:

Formatting a Word Document
Handling Data in Word
Converting or Printing Word Documents

Useful Links