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Organisation Skills: Submitting Your Work

Academic Skills

Submitting your work

Submitting your work online

Important Information

You are only allowed to submit one file at a time - make sure you include your coversheet, assignment and references all in one file before attempting to submit if your course requires this. Ensure you are using the correct file format. You must submit in the file format that your module teams recommend (usually .doc or .docx). Once the document has successfully been submitted a green information bar will appear at the top of the screen, giving you notification of a successful upload (as shown below).

Currently, there is no email notification of your successful submission, we recommend you either print the page with the green information bar or take a screen capture of it.  Alternatively, if you are unsure if your submission worked, you can click on the assessment link again. If you were successful you will see the date and time of your submission, along with the file you uploaded. You are able to submit another file if you have made a mistake, for example if you have submitted the wrong file and need to submit the correct one.
You must remember that only your last file submitted will be used and marked.

Please note that once the submission area has closed, your last attempt will be processed through plagiarism software called SafeAssign.

If you have any problems, please contact your Course Administrator or Academic Support on 01473 338450.


Assessment Extensions, Deferrals and Intercalation

If you are unable to submit your assignment by the deadline for various reasons then please read the information found on the Student Guide to Assessment extensions, deferrals and intercalation found here.




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1:1 bookable appointments can be made with your Academic Skills Advisers for your subject area.

Students from Ipswich can book two appointments per week (if you are a student from the Learning Network, please contact your library) - 

  • up to 1 hour with an Academic Skills Advisor

Appointments are scheduled in 30 minute slots.  

Schedule an Appointment