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Assessment & Feedback: Assessment Criteria

Assessment Criteria

Assessment criteria refer to the specific standards or guidelines used to evaluate or measure the quality, performance, or achievement of a particular task, project, or individual. These criteria provide a framework for assessing and comparing different elements or attributes to determine their level of success or effectiveness. Assessment criteria are typically defined in advance and can vary depending on the context and purpose of the assessment.

At University the assessment criteria is used to evaluate if you are meeting the learning outcomes. These criteria include evaluating factors such your knowledge and understanding of a subject, critical thinking skills, your ability to analyse and synthesize information, link theory to practice, communicate effectively and present your work to an academic standard.

In addition to assessment criteria, you may also have a set of professional standards that you have to meet to evidence safe practice for example if you are completing a Health or Social Sciences courses.

Assessment criteria and learning outcomes might differ between module and levels of study. You will find more information in your course handbook and when given assessment details.

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