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Assistive Technology: Assistive Technology

What is it?

Assistive Technology (AT) are tools, device or software that are designed to help support an individual with tasks they might find challenging. It is often designed to help those with disabilities or Specific Learning Differences (Splds) but can also benefit everyone.  


In this guide you will find a range of different ATs that can help you with your study skills. Some are free and readily available, while other may occur a cost. If you are in receipt of Disability Students Allowance (DSA) or Learning Support Fund (LSF), speak to the advisors in Student Services as you may be able to receive funding for AT. This is not an extensive list as there are many options of ATs out there, just a hand full of the ones we think may be the most helpful. If you discover any that you think we could add to our guide, please get in touch and let us know by emailing  


(Please note this is just a guide of what is available; prices, packages and guarantees may vary over time, always check the individual websites for up to date and current information)