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PASS: Peer Assisted Student Success: Our PASS Leader Miguel has written about his experience of being a PASS Leader from welcoming learners at the start of the academic year to adaption to online delivery during the current pandemic.

by Craig Martin on 2020-03-27T09:24:09+00:00 | 0 Comments

What is like to be a PASS Leader in a midst of a pandemic?

Hello, my name is Miguel and I am one of the Bioscience PASS Leaders.

I have been in this role since September last year and I still enjoy as much as when I started, why you might ask? I’ve met interesting people, older and younger, with different points of view and we always ended up having really good discussions about literally everything.

The PASS Sessions are interactive sessions between peers, exchange of ideas and personal experiences. But in times like these where we have to stay at home to protect ourselves and the others around this can be a challenge, having to be on the other end of an email or a group chat is not really the same as being in front of you and actively engaging is it?

It does not matter how technologically advanced we are, we will always prefer the human contact and interaction. Even though our University is really well prepared does not make it any easier for some lecturers that needed to make it up on the fly.

It is hard for them and also for me, not being able to read the audience, not being able to brainstorm with you. But it is also hard on myself and my peers, most of us might feel lonely and missing going to the University to be with our friends, for some of us our University friends are our family and we all know how hard it is not to be able to be with them.  Some of us are bored and just procrastinate even though we have nothing else to do, others are dealing with their mental health problems alone and some are just absent.

I am here for every single one of you, I am on the other side of an email or group chat, yes; but I am also one of you, going through the same issues that you are. Being a PASS Leader is being a peer, a friend, someone that you can talk to and ask guidance.

And remember: We have a great support network and we can always make use of it; open communication might be the key to see us through.

Your PASS Leader, Miguel Abreu, for Bioscience

Please note that in light of the developing situation with the Coronavirus and the suspension of face-to-face in-course delivery, please note that face-to-face PASS sessions will be cancelled for the rest of the semester.

PASS sessions will take place via email, or Microsoft Teams. For more information, contact your PASS Leader. Digital sessions will take place during the same time and dates already scheduled.

Please visit our Libguides page for upcoming PASS sessions:

For more information on PASS people email

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