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East Coast College Libraries: Charges, Fines & Lost Books

Charges, fines and lost books

We do not currently charge daily fines for overdue items, but will charge you a replacement cost if you have an item outstanding for four weeks or more.  At this point you will be unable to borrow additional items until the item is returned, replaced or paid for.

How much?

  • Replacement charges will depend on the item overdue; this charge will be waived if the item is returned.
  • Further items can not be borrowed while fines are owed.

If you borrow books from other University of Suffolk libraries you will be charged fines in line with their individual policies.


  • A courtesy email reminder will be sent to you the day before the item is due back.
  • Overdue notices are sent to you by email when the item becomes overdue by 1, 7 and 14 days.
  • If item becomes 28 days overdue or more, a final email, and a letter will be sent to you. This will detail replacement costs for the item, as it will be deemed lost.

Lost or damaged items

Sometimes items are genuinely lost or damaged.  If you believe you have lost an item or it is damaged beyond use, you should contact us as soon as possible - this will allow us to check the library for it and, if necessary, arrange for it to be replaced. You will be required to either pay for a replacement copy or provide a replacement copy yourself.

If you have any concerns about lost books or charges owing, please come and talk to us.


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