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Children's Care, Learning and Development (ECC): Dissertation (CLD399)


Below are your reading lists as specified by teaching staff.
Clicking the book title will search the East Coast College library catalogue for print copies.  If there is a computer icon Ebook icon next to the title, clicking this will take you to the ebook link via Discovery.

Don't forget that you can use Discovery to search for additional ebooks and journal articles which will be relevant to this module.

Essential Reading

Brannen, J. (2005) 'Mixed methods research: a discussion paper', NCRM Methods Review Papers, NCRM/005. Available at:

Library Catalogue

Use this link to search the East Coast College library catalogue for print books in Great Yarmouth and Lowestoft.

Further Reading

Ercikan, K. and Roth, W-M. (2006) 'What good is polarizing research into qualitative and quantitative?', Educational Research, 27 (5), pp.14-23.

Evans, J. and Benefield, P. (2001) 'Systematic reviews of educatonial research: does the medical model fit?', British Educational Research Journal, 25 (5), pp.527-541.

Fletcher-Campbell, F. and Brill, F. (2008) 'Fifty years on: contrasts and connections in educational research', Educational Research, 50 (1), pp.1-8.


Hodkinson, P. and Macleod, F. (2010) 'Contrasting concepts of learning and contrasting research methodologies: affinities and bias', British Educational Research Journal, pp.173-189.

Sfard, A. (1998) 'On two metaphors for learning and the dangers of choosing just one', Educational Researcher, 27 (2), pp.4-13.