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Professional Graduate Certificate of Education: Teacher as Researcher (Module 5)

Essential Reading

Times Educational Supplement (archive)

It is strongly recommended that you review TES regularly to access the latest research and practice.  Click the link above to access the archive, and for access to current digital editions please contact

Recommended Reading

Further Resources


Adults Learning

British Educational Research Journal

British Journal of Educational Psychology

Curriculum and Instruction

Educational Action Research

Journal of In-service Education

Journal of Education and Work

Journal of Further and Higher Education

Journal of Vocational Education and Training

Learning and Instruction

Pedagogy, Culture and Society

The Curriculum Journal

Teacher Development Technology, Pedagogy and Education



Higher Education Academy   

Centre for Collaborative Action Research

Contemporary debate and discussion can be found in the following:

Education Guardian (Tuesday):

Educational Action Research (four times a year)

Journal of Further and Higher Education (three times a year)

Research in Education (twice a year)

Times Educational Supplement (Friday):

Times Higher Educational Supplement: