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BA Visual Art: Introduction to Studio Practice

Essential Reading

Further Reading

Afterall’s One Work series is a library of small books, each title focusing on a single artwork that has significantly shaped the way we understand art and its history.

It is also an excellent repository of research, articles, and publications relating to contemporary art practice.

Whitechapel/MIT’s Documents of Contemporary Art is a series of books each centered on a different theme pertinent to contemporary art theory. Each book comprises of selected writings on said theme from contemporary artists and academics. These works provide a good entry point to make you aware of contemporary issues, ideas, and perspectives that can be further explored.

It is also well worth reading art magazines like Frieze (, Art Monthly (, and e-flux ( There is a useful repository of moving image and sound art, called Ubuweb, at The Tate Modern website also has links to articles and videos on contemporary art and artists: