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Library User Guide

Reserving Print Resources

Placing a reservation on a library book means that the item in question will be held for you. 

  • If the item is already on loan, the person who has it will not be able to renew it and will be asked to return it
  • If the item is available in the library, it will be taken off the shelf and held for you for up to 7 days 

Students and staff are permitted to make up to 8 reservations at any one time. External members are unable to place reservations. 

It's super easy to place a reservation from home or on the go

  1. Search for the required item in Discovery using the title, author, or an appropriate keyword 
  2. Find the correct item and click the title to open the record 
  3. Click the blue 'Place Reserveration' button to the right of the screen 
  4. Wait for the page to load, and click the blue 'Submit' button 

Still not sure? Watch the video (1:11) below for guidance on how to reserve print resources. 

How do I collect my reservation?

We collect reservations three times every weekday, and two times on weekends - so long as the item you've requested is available, it should be ready for you within 24 hours. 

You'll receive an email to your student account notifying you when your reservation is ready to collect. To pick it up, simply stop by the reservation shelf to the left of the Library Helpdesk the next time you're on campus. Just don't forget to issue reservations to your account via the self-service kiosks or helpdesk before you head out! 

We hold reservations for seven days. Items not collected within this time frame will be reshelved or allocated to the next requester. 

Reservations can be cancelled via your Library Account or by contacting the Library helpdesk.