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Maths Support : Maths Support


What are the Maths support routes at University of Suffolk and the role of Learning Services?

The guiding principles for developing your Maths skills at University of Suffolk are as follows:

Initially, the required Maths skills will be introduced and explained by your course teams. They'll introduce the concepts and most importantly ground these within the discipline requirements.

If you find that after the topics have been introduced, and examples worked through by your course team you are encountering difficulties, then you are advised to contact David Baseden Butt the Maths & Stats Academic Skills Advisor, who can direct you to additional support material that can help.  This might include online support material in the form of videos or courses.

You will also find self-help resources across this guide. We strongly encourage you to be proactive and access these resources. The online guides within the Faculty pages have been created after consultation with the appropriate course teams and are based around assessment style questions.


121 Appointment

If you need further help please book an appointment with our Maths & Stats Academic Skills Advisor, David Baseden Butt. To book an appointment please visit our 121 Appointments page.