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Fine Art Reading Lists: IMDFIA309 Degree Project


Welcome to the Degree Project reading list!  Here you will find the resources to support you throughout your module.

Essential Reading

This module primarily concerns individual practice surrounding a student's area of research and as such required reading will be negotiated between the individual student and their tutors during crits and tutorials.  

Students are expected to compile their own specialist reading list in discussion with their tutors.  A range of primary and secondary resources should be sourced. 

Key journals

Art Monthly 1994 (University of Suffolk Ipswich)
Art Review 1993- (University of Suffolk Ipswich)
Flash Art 2001- (University of Suffolk Ipswich)
Frieze 1992- (University of Suffolk Ipswich)
Modern Painters 1989- (University of Suffolk Ipswich)

Recommended Reading

Galleries and Museums