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Making the most of your One to One support session

by Kay Richards on 2018-10-18T15:00:00+01:00 | Comments


John Arnett offers some tips …


You can see an Academic Skills Advisor for up to an hour a week.  Sessions are 30 minutes, but you can book two consecutive slots if you wish.  Either way, thinking in advance about what you want to achieve in the time and what you need to bring with you will really help you to get the maximum benefit from the session.  With this in mind: 


  • Be sure to bring along the Assignment Brief, Assessment Criteria and any previous feedback (especially if re-submitting work)


  • Printing out and bringing along work in progress, essay drafts etc saves a lot of time.  No need to wait for programmes to load up, or to search for documents.  Also, easier and quicker to read and make notes on during discussion with advisor. You take it away with you and make changes yourself.


  • Bring along your own plan, based on the brief, to show what you are aiming to cover.  This should ideally be paragraph by paragraph, in sequence (e.g. a 3,000 word essay might be 10 x 300 word paragraphs).


  • Think in advance about any specific concerns you have, and any particular section(s) you want to focus on in the session. In other words, what are your priorities for the session?


  • Make sure you have proof read your work thoroughly yourself before you come to the session. Read it slowly and aloud.  (see our webpage Proofreading for advice on this)


  • Look out for and attend relevant workshops on aspects of academic writing that are of interest or concern to you e.g. assignment planning, referencing, critical writing, reflective writing.  (again, look at workshop calendar on website)


  • Work backwards from your deadline – don’t leave it till the day before submission to make an appointment!  Be realistic! 



John Arnett

Academic Skills Adviser for Health Sciences 


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