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Ethics Subject Guide (West Suffolk College): Online resources / Websites


Online Resources / Websites / Social Media

In addition to accessing information from academic resources, such as databases and journals, there is a wealth of knowledge available from government and professional bodies on the internet.

Whilst it is still important to make sure you critically evaluate sources from the internet, links provided in this guide can help point you in the right direction. 

Government & Professional Bodies


Looking for a way to learn more about your subject area without reading?  Consider listening to podcasts that may help to increase your knowledge. 

Podcasts vary in quality, frequency and reliability, so make sure you evaluate them before using the information for an assignment.

People / Organisations to follow on Twitter

Twitter is a great way to keep up-to-date
with important organisations and notable professionals within your subject area.  Consider following the following
people / organisations:

Applied Social Sciences, Young People & Education, Suffolk Business School & Science & Technology Team

Faculty Liaison Librarian

Becky Blunk
Tel: 01473 338703
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Academic Skills Advisor

Jo Calver
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Digital Learning Advisor

Aaron Burrell
Tel: 01473 38439
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All images included in this guide are available from Flickr through Creative Commons licensing CC-BY-2.0