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Dissertation - ATK

Secondary Research / Library-based Dissertations

Secondary research dissertations are commonly found in arts and humanities subjects, as well as social work.  This type of research requires careful analysis and evaluation of the existing literature and research on the subject that you are studying.


 Image available from Flickr by Abee5

If you are planning to do this type of dissertation you won’t be required to do primary research of your own, instead you will be using material that has already been written.  

You will be exploring theories, concepts or points of view in order to evaluate how they relate to your research question.   For example, if you are researching a specific aspect of a writer or artists work, your research would closely interrogate existing literature to find out how it supports or contradicts the argument that you want to make.  The same is true if you are researching varying perspectives of a practice-based issue or social dilemma.   

If you are planning on undertaking a secondary research dissertation you will need to make extensive use of material available to you through University of Suffolk library and beyond, including peer-reviewed articles, reports, and other published scientific research.