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Journal of Suffolk Student Research: Home

An Online Academic Journal

The Journal of Suffolk Student Research is an online academic journal, dedicated to the publication of high-quality undergraduate and postgraduate student research undertaken by University of Suffolk students. The journal will showcase the most outstanding student research undertaken at the University of Suffolk. It aims to promote and recognise this outstanding student research by offering valuable early experience of academic publishing and the peer review process. Our online journal will be open to the public with the aim of providing engaging content for a non-specialist readership.

Volumes will be published annually with open access. The journal accepts primary or secondary data analysis research conducted as part of a student’s Research Project, Dissertation, and Thesis. The research can be quantitative or qualitative.

University of Suffolk student authors will experience an authentic peer review process, which will benefit them for future publications in peer-reviewed journals.

University of Suffolk reviewers will gain valuable insight into the peer review process as well as strengthening their ability to evaluate and critique research.

The Journal aims to increase the external recognition of the outstanding student research undertaken at the University of Suffolk.

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